About the Ninja

Welcome to LinkedIn Lead Ninja – Our site and training is designed to take the “pain” away of trying to figure out what works on LinkedIn.

I have been doing Lead Generation for most of my career, one thing I find works day in and day out is direct sales. What that means is directly contacting or speaking to someone one to one. Door knocking is a great example , I am not asking you to door knock, when you knock a door and someone answers you have a “Direct Sales” opportunity. It can be fast and ugly but bottom line it works.

If you knock 100 doors odds are that 30 will open. Those 30 get the pitch and the #’s tell us that you will produce one sale out of that 30…like clockwork. My methods are similar, we knock on 75-125 doors or LinkedIn virtually a day with customized messages to our/your target market getting 30 people to open their virtual doors, now we introduce ourselves/you with the right message and tone to get engagement. If you have the right message with the right target market you will get positive engagement day in and day out.

My methods will take away cold calling and cold emails. I help you make long lasting relationships by building rapport.

Now just to be clear, nothing is easy but we have made it easier. You will need to followup with warm prospects to hot prospects. You will need to take “any response you get” from the messages you send out and turn them into a phone call or a positive. Like I said “nothing is easy” but I can help remove the pain of learning what works on LinkedIn.

Join our FREE LinkedIn Ninja Training and get equipped on some simple techniques to help you get started. We also have a Done for You” service that makes this completely pain free. We do everything…all you need to do is respond to queries.

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See you on the inside.

Darren Kurilko | LinkedIn Lead Ninja