One of the best ways to use LinkedIn is to help grow your business by finding prospects.  Keep reading to learn exactly how to get this done.


Know Who you are Looking for

Before you can start looking for prospects, you need to know what kind of people you want to look for. If your sales and marketing team have identified who your ideal customer would be, you can use that as a guide as you move forward. If you do not have that as a starting point, think about the characteristics you would like to see in your ideal customer and go from there.


Narrow your Sights

LinkedIn has hundreds of millions of potential prospects for you. So, it is impossible to connect with all of them. However, you can narrow your sights to focus on the best ones. You can narrow your focus by honing in on qualities such as professional or industry vocabulary used, experience and roles held.


Check out the “People Also Viewed” Sidebar

The “People Also Viewed” sidebar shows people who are similar to your contact. So, when you are on the profile page of of your best clients, you can guarantee that the people in this section are similar to that contact. So, you can practically clone all of your best clients when you are developing a prospect list.


Reach out to Prospects who are in New Roles

When someone changes jobs he or she is often more receptive to trying something new Bringing in a new product or service is a great way for a newbie to shake things up and make an impression at the new job. So, keep an eye out for people who have just changed jobs or positions. A great way to help you look for people in this category, click the “Keep in Touch” button under the “Connections” tab.


Look at your Competitors’ Networks

It can be easier to sell your product to the customer of a competitor than to someone who has no experience with your product. So, do a search of your competitors’ network lists and look for some good prospects.


Do an Alumni Search

People often like to do business with others with whom they share a common bond. So, seek out people who also graduated from the same university as you did. Having this commonality will help you start a conversation that can lead to gaining a prospect.


Watch the Newsfeed

Often, people overlook the newsfeed in favor of other parts of the site. But, that is a mistake. Try filtering the newsfeed so you can only see information from new connections. When you notice that one of your new connections has connected with someone you would also like to connect with, reach out and ask for an introduction. Going through this process will also give you insight into what your competitors are doing and to whom they are connecting as well.


Look at Recommendations

You can also filter the newsfeed by recommendations. You can assume that if someone has recently given or received a recommendation that the relationship is a positive one. So, you will have a better chance of having a successful introduction to a new prospect if you go through one of your connections who has been recommended by or received a recommendation from that person.


Have Insight and Share it

You can capture a lot of attention by leading with valuable insights. Give your prospects a clear and meaningful reason to connect to you and learn more. By leading with valuable insights, you show that you have done your homework and that you are a relevant cog in the wheel.


Create an Inviting Buying Experience

Creating a pleasant experience for your prospects and potential customers will make you stand out from the crowd. When your prospects are ready to make the jump, they will remember the experience you created with fondness and will be more likely to go back to you.


Add Every Customer With Whom you Close a Deal to Your Network

Every time you close a deal, invite that person to join your network. Having customers in your network, will help you when you need someone to give you a recommendation. But, more importantly, you will have a list of people who can provide you with new prospects.


Join and Participate in Groups

LinkedIn has hundreds of groups, so it will be easy to find at least one that will be of interest to you. But, you cannot simply join the group, the best way to pick up new prospects is to participate in them, too. When you participate in a group, it gives you the perfect way to communicate with a prospect long before you reach out to him or her. That way, you can narrow down your prospects and hone in on the best ones before requesting to connect.


If you have more questions about using LinkedIn to gain prospects, contact us today.