When it comes to finding new customers for your business, the internet is going to be your most valuable resource. Everyone is online these days, which means that you can access new leads and generate stronger sales more efficiently than ever before.

But where do you get started? What’s the best platform to engage your prospective customers and get them to use your products or services? While most people would instantly react with sites like Facebook and Twitter, the fact is that LinkedIn is the premier destination for B2B sales.

As such, we want to help you make the most out of your LinkedIn profile and enable you to turn your time on social media into a profitable investment. If you’ve never thought about prospecting on LinkedIn, now is the perfect time.


Lead generation using linkedinIncrease Your Connection Base

This is going to be your first line of offense. Building a vast network of connections is going to empower you to make sales and engage with potential clients so much faster. When you’re already connected through your profile, that is a pipeline for leads to convert to sales.

The best thing about networking is that everyone knows someone. Thus, even if your connection base is just a handful of family members and friends, you should be able to expand and draw more people to your profile in a lot less time.

Not only will expanding your network allow you to increase your prospecting capability, but it will enhance your visibility on the site. As you grow and gain more connections, people will start coming to you, which can make you an influencer. Once that happens, you don’t have to go searching for business (outbound marketing), it will come to you (inbound marketing).


Use LinkedIn’s Tools

Since the purpose of this site is to bring people together, it already has a ton of tools that you can use to your benefit. As long as you’re smart about which processes you employ and you stick with them, you can increase your prospect pool in no time.

Here are the top items we recommend for you.



This procedure does take a little bit of sleuthing, but it’s a fantastic way to build relationships and get the inside track on leads that would otherwise be outside of your network. On the newsfeed, you want to search for the word “recommend” and see what pops up. It will show what people in your connections are recommending, which can point you in the direction of new prospects.

The best thing to do is target the person doing the recommending and say that you found their insight to be helpful to you and you’d like to know more about them. This will get your foot in the door and elicit a much better response than if you tried messaging them “cold.”



This is an often overlooked part of the site, but it can be quite helpful to your needs. By filtering the feed to show news from recent connections, it can be a valuable resource. The reason for this is that you will see when your contact connects with someone else, which enables you to jump onto that new lead.

As they say, you want to strike while the iron is hot, so utilizing this tool and establishing relationships with recent connections can be much better than trying to reach out to people who may or may not know the person to whom you’re referring. Many profiles have relationships that have gone cold, so this method ensures that each one is fresh and ripe.



Many profiles are littered with different skills that the person possesses, which others can then endorse. This connection is valuable to you because it helps you organically expand your network. If you see endorsements for skills that are related to your business, it can be a fantastic way to find new prospects that have similar interests. This is another overlooked capability of LinkedIn that can give you an edge.



There are two ways that you can use groups to your advantage. First, you can join ones that are related to your industry, product or service. This allows you to make connections and expand your network quickly and easily. However, this is another form of outbound marketing.

Secondly, you can create a group and invite others to join. In this case, your goal won’t be to sell your brand or your services, but instead to generate value for those who are part of the group. This way, it will help enhance your profile and turn the group into a form of inbound marketing for your company.


Optimize Your Profile

Ultimately, inbound marketing is going to be your end goal because it will make your job so much easier. When people are coming to you for your business, it enables you to focus more on providing exceptional service rather than trying to lock down leads.

One ideal method of inbound marketing for LinkedIn is to make your profile like a landing page. When your new connections come to see what you’re all about, put links and calls to action that will pique their interest. This way, the more you expand your network, the less time it will take to convert those new leads. In short, turn your profile into a lead generation funnel.


Bottom Line

If you need help prospecting on LinkedIn, contact us today. We have the experience and the expertise you need to turn your leads into sales, and we know how to make LinkedIn work for you. Don’t keep wasting your time with marketing efforts that don’t work.