Lead generation is a cornerstone of your business, which is why you need to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your efforts. While you may be using social media to prospect for new leads, the real golden opportunity is LinkedIn. When it comes to B2B leads, nothing compares to this site for finding high-quality customers. There is a wealth of potential on LinkedIn; you just have be ambitious enough to get it.


Why is LinkedIn so Valuable?

When trying to reach other businesses and professionals, the best thing to do is prospect where they go the most. Compared to most other social sites, LinkedIn is the to presource for finding these kinds of leads. Here are some stats to get you motivated.



  • 91% of marketing execs say that LinkedIn is their #1 source of leads
  • The site is used by more Fortune 500 leaders than any other
  • You can convert leads 3x faster here than on Facebook or other social media
  • 500 million members use LinkedIn, with 61 million senior-level influencers on the site
  • Using LinkedIn sponsored content, you can lower your marketing costs by 69%

We could go on, but the fact is that you should make this website your premier source for new B2B leads. There is so much potential here that you could almost forgo any other social media site and focus exclusively on LinkedIn.


How to Prospect with LinkedIn

Fortunately, when Microsoft bought the site last year, many new tools have been added, and those that were already in place have been updated and improved. Thus, right now is the perfect time to develop a marketing campaign through LinkedIn, using these proven tactics.


Video Content

When compared to other kinds of material online, nothing captures people’s attention like video. Both engagement and retention skyrockets when you utilize this medium for your marketing campaign, and now LinkedIn enables you to embed videos into your ads.

Thus, you want to take advantage of this new feature and start producing clips that will convert leads into customers. Showcase what you have to offer professionally and stylishly, and you’ll be posting record numbers in no time.


Clickable Hashtags

It may have taken a while, but now LinkedIn has hashtags that do more than stare at you from the screen. You should have some experience utilizing hashtags for other social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, so take that same strategy and apply it here.

With this site, you don’t have to overload your posts with hashtags. Instead, using them in a variety of places to get your profile noticed by more people. Populate your bio, your feed, and your content to create a consistent level of outreach that will drive new leads to you. As long as you utilize similar hashtags and stay persistent, they will pay off in the long run.

Sales Navigator

This service has been around for a while, but now it’s been updated to make it easier to use for prospecting. Sales Navigator is a comprehensive tool that enables you to filter out all of the fluff that won’t do your company any good and find the right leads that will convert to clients. This one system will save you so much time and energy in cultivating new leads that you can almost relax a little bit.


Considering that email marketing is still a viable option for most businesses, you want to utilize this service as well. However, make sure that you’re following these tips when sending out cold emails to new prospects.


  • Personalize It: with so much spam hitting our inboxes every day, many of us are keen on filtering out messages that seem too generic or uninteresting. As a marketer and salesman, that means that you have to go the extra mile to connect with a lead before converting them. Thus, each email template has to be customizable so that you can make it personal and more engaging.
  • Incentivize It: it’s not enough to highlight all of your company’s features and benefits. To drive new leads, you need calls to action that make them want to click. Make your CTA’s immediate and attractive so that your prospects are more willing to see where it leads.
  • Keep it Simple: rather than load your emails with a ton of information, make them targeted for a specific goal. For example, you might want to highlight a new feature that you’re rolling out. In that case, focus all of your attention on the problem that the function will solve, and be sure to have a CTA that promises that your lead can get in on it ASAP.


When using InMail, remember that you can’t use it with impunity. There are only so many credits available at a time, so it’s imperative that you use it sparingly and effectively. Now is not the time for experimentation or the shotgun approach. Create targeted material that will engage your leads directly.

Whether you want a better plan for taking your future into your own hands or you need the pros to take control of your fate, LinkedIn Lead Ninja has the solutions for you. Today is the day to stop repeating the same actions and hoping to get better results. Contact us today for a 15-minute discovery call and start making LinkedIn work for you.