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2 Benefits Of Using LinkedIn For Lead Generation (To Grow Your Business)

Are you aware of the social network of choice for those who are searching for connections (the people in this context are working professionals)? Call 612-802-5570, you do not have to be a digitally minded person to know or be aware of the social media network in this context, right? LinkedIn has made a good name for itself when it comes to synergy for professionals globally. You could easily see a tech-savvy business expert on LinkedIn with an active profile. But why is LinkedIn the social network of choice for those top businessmen and women? And why are most of them investing the time to get connected through their smartphones, Tablets, and computers? Is using LinkedIn for lead generation really beneficial to any business? And the relevant questions go on and on.

Though you may have more questions which would be answered, it is very easy to grasp the concept of how LinkedIn is beneficial to your business or organization in terms of using LinkedIn for lead generation. Actually, some of those concepts will be discussed here to show a novice just how important it is to use this social media site to do more than lead generation.

And since it is obvious that more and more enterprises and organizations all over the world are moving actively to social media platforms to get active online presence and to promote their businesses and generation good leads, it makes complete sense to take full advantage of the free exposure that LinkedIn provide—to generate lead, of course. So, to begin with, here are 2 benefits of using LinkedIn for lead generation to grow your business.

1) Implicit Mobile Optimization through the use of Lead Gen Form

This concept (lead gen form) is a relatively new one. LinkedIn launched a new solution recently that presents powerful and new opportunities for internet marketers, advertising experts, and growth hackers. It is called LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms. So what is this all about? To cut a long story short, you could use it to capture leads—as the name implies. How? It is through paid ads using forms. These forms are pre-filled with member profile data.

So, with implicit mobile optimization through the use of LinkedIn Lead Gen Form, your campaigns are mobile optimized automatically. And why this is great is because a much larger and increasing percentage of your audiences are phone users rather than laptops. It is now easy to create beautiful and captivating ads for phone users. This is now easy and the main focus of this implicit mobile optimization through the use of Lead Gen Forms.

2) You could efficiently use it to get more leads with less money and time with increased conversion rates. The most critical metric for any lead gen form or ad is conversion rates. Here is where the huge impact is clear. With it, you could hit new markets and leverage the power of mobile advertising. And you would be doing so with a tool that is built precisely for this so prospects could click on those ads you created easily and submit their information.


Using Linkedin For Lead Generation
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